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    Proto Lab, Sampling and Production

    The Sampling Production Phase stands as the connecting step between product design freeze and series production. It is fraught with specific challenges, as if on the one hand it has to guarantee prompt delivery of high-fidelity parts, on the other hand it has to set up simplified processes through which the future capabilities of the production line need to be extrapolated. As a first production reality check, it may also bring beneficial insights to improve the envisaged production process.

    Laser 2D-3D

    Finding problems and technical precautions of a project from the very beginning is becoming more and more important and fundamental for our customers and the automotive industry. With our Proto Lab, this is possible. Small production series and single samples with different materials and thicknesses can help our partners to optimize the time and costs of a project.

    Bending and Welding

    Our Proto Lab can also support our customers with bending and welding. The flexibility to be able to achieve what our partners ask us are fundamental and strategic, especially for the phases of Assembly and welding. A physical sample of a part made in the early stages of a project from our Proto Lab has an exponential advantage for the right technological choices in order to produce it in a performing way. Our Proto Lab can build low-volume quality production dies for any project. We analyze and assess every element by means of specifically dedicated tools and sheet laser cutting techniques that simulate high volume production.


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